Rubens For US Senate - Seven Votes Brown Should Want to Take Back

In last night's Granite State Debate on WMUR-TV, Josh McElveen asked each of the candidates what votes they regretted and would take back.


Scott Brown responded by saying "I don't believe there are any".  To help Scott Brown with that question, here are seven votes Scott Brown should want to have back:


- Voted for government-mandated healthcare while in the Massachusetts legislature that was the precursor to Obamacare.

- Voted for in-state tuition for those here illegally.

- Supported a federal "assault weapons" ban.  Brown voted for a permanent ban in the Massachusetts legislature.  With respect to such a ban on the federal level, Brown said, "My door is always open".

- Voted with Shaheen for the Cybersecurity Act which includes a provision allowing internet companies to pass private information over to government agencies.

- Voted with Shaheen to extend the Patriot's Act authorization of wiretaps on innocent Americans.

- Only Republican to vote to increase debt ceiling in 2012, calling for more spending with printed money and kicking the debt bomb can down the road.

- Voted with Shaheen for Dodd-Frank hurting NH businesses, but it helped Wall Street banks which gave $3 million to Brown, most of any senator in the country.