Bedford (September 5, 2014) – In their post debate analysis, James Pindell, Political Director and Josh McElveen, WMUR TV Political Director and Anchor announced that Bob Smith was the clear winner in last night’s US Senatorial Debate against Scott Brown and Jim Rubens.

ΩBob Smith clearly proved that he is the only conservative candidate in this race. He has the only conservative voting record. He is the only pro-life candidate who proudly supports innocent life, and he is the only true Second Amendment candidate who has received A+ ratings from all of the major national gun groups, including an endorsement from Gun Owners of America.

Bob Smith is experienced; he knows the issues and gives concise answers to even the most difficult questions. In contrast, Scott Brown seemed to have trouble answering direct questions, preferring to stick to his “crib notes” and talking points, prompting Smith to say at one point, paraphrasing Ronald Reagan’s challenge to Mikhail Gorbachev to tear down the Berlin Wall, “Mr. Brown, tear up those talking points.” And adding, “You vote with President Obama more than you vote with the Republican Party. You cannot accommodate these people. You’ve got to defeat them.”

Pindell described Brown as the moderate, establishment pick. We agree. Scott Brown does what he thinks he needs to do to win: Be a liberal flip-flopper who has shown more consistency voting with Democrats than his own party. We see it as a desperate attempt on his part to please Democrats more than his concern for following Republican Party principles.

“I do not favor accommodating or compromising with people who want to take my liberties away,” said Smith in answer to a question. “We don’t have enough conservative values in our leaders in Washington and this is the reason why we’re in trouble. Senator Mitch McConnell is a good example. Where’s the leadership? I hope I get the privilege of going to Washington as the next US Senator from New Hampshire and I will not vote for Mitch McConnell as the next leader, and if no one else runs against him, then I’ll run.”

Bob Smith proved last night that there is a clear distinction, a clear difference between him and the other candidates as the only true Constitutional Conservative in the race. He is the only one who is consistent in supporting 100% the Republican Party Platform. He is the ONLY choice for the next U.S. Senator from the great state of New Hampshire.