NH DOS launches ReadyNH.gov and free emergency alerts system

New Hampshire Department of Safety





CONCORD – The New Hampshire Department of Safety announced Monday the launch of ReadyNH.gov and NH Alerts, two tools to help anyone in New Hampshire stay informed and prepare for before, during and after local emergencies and statewide disasters.


ReadyNH.gov, an updated website, and NH Alerts, a free emergency notification system that works with both mobile and landline phones, were developed by the Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management.


“We’re very proud of ReadyNH.gov and NH Alerts.” Perry Plummer, director of New Hampshire Department of Safety’s Homeland Security and Emergency Management, said. “ReadyNH.gov provides easy-to-follow, step-by-step guidance for anyone to effectively and efficiently prepare for natural and man-made disasters. NH Alerts allows us to reach out with emergency information to anyone in the state who has registered with the website or downloaded the free app. Individuals, families, organizations and businesses taking the time now to use these two tools should be well informed and prepared and will know what to do during and after the next disaster.”


The important features on ReadyNH.gov include:

links to register for the free NH Alerts emergency notification system and to download the free mobile app;

easy-to-complete templates for creating a customized family emergency plan that can then be shared with family and friends; and

the latest news from the Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management on preparedness programs and disasters.

In addition, ReadyNH.gov is mobile ready providing all of the same information to smartphone and tablet users, but with navigation more suitable for mobile devices.


The free NH Alerts emergency notification system allows residents who have registered via ReadyNH.gov to be notified of statewide emergencies through mobile and landline phones. Residents must go to ReadyNH.gov to sign-up for the free alerts system. In addition, a free app for iPhone® and Android™ mobile devices, available through a link on ReadyNH.gov, provides location-specific notifications. Importantly, the NH Alerts app is free to anyone who downloads it from ReadyNH.gov including visitors from other states. 


The NH Alerts app provides a variety of location-specific audible alerts such as warnings to avoid a particular area during an emergency or weather warnings issued by the National Weather Service. These settings are completely customizable to allow the user to determine the frequency with which warnings are received.