Rubens For US Senate - Breaking: Rubens Wins Poll, Media: Rubens Rising, Surging


We have told you before that this election would be late breaking.  Well, it is late, and it is breaking.  We want to point you to three stories published this evening.  Please share these stories with your friends and neighbors who are still deciding on who to vote for.

The Patch tonight released results of a poll they conducted over the weekend.  In the poll for Senate, Rubens won, receiving 40% of the vote compared with Brown's 35%.  Smith finished a distant third with 23%.

Slate Magazine is up with a piece tonight about Scott Brown desperately trying to stop the activities of the Mayday PAC that is supporting Rubens.  In the piece, Slate calls Rubens "rising".

Finally, in an article titled "Candidates Surging...", The Patch's Tony Schinella noted Rubens' "significant polling growth in recent weeks" even "before the WMUR debate that many people believe Rubens performed solidly in".  They also highlighted the television ad cut by Senator Gordon Humphrey.

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