Rubens For US Senate - The Rubens Surge Continues

A weekend poll by PPP shows Rubens surging, cutting the gap with Brown in half. The same poll shows Bob Smith trailing badly. The Brown campaign is clearly worried, as shown by their activity yesterday.

We are hearing this message as we talk to voters, and on radio shows and social media platforms. Voters who are looking to nominate a candidate that reflects core New Hampshire Republican principles are uniting behind Jim Rubens. Just a few examples:

Political pundit Dr. Wayne Lesperance appeared on WGIR today and was asked if he foresaw any surprises on Tuesday. He didn't predict a Rubens win, but did say "I think probably the biggest possible surprise will be if Jim Rubens broke through and won the senate primary. There is a whole lot of noise coming out all over the place about surging in polls, saying Jim Rubens is really pushing out."

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A few votes will make the difference in this year's election. Call all of your friends and get them to the polls. Bring 5 people with you. This is how elections are won in New Hampshire, and your effort will make the difference.

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