Rubens For US Senate - Today's The Day


Thank you for all you've done for our campaign to date. From making calls to waving signs, attending or hosting a house parties and marching in a parades - it has all led us to today, Primary Day. Over the next 14 hours, Republican voters across the state will cast their ballots for our party's senatorial nominee for the fall campaign.

It has been a privilege and an honor these past 16 months meeting and talking to voters across the state. From Pelham to Pittsburg, from Swanzey to Seabrook. Thank you for engaging in the debate. For asking the tough questions. It has made me a stronger candidate.

During this campaign, I’ve shown you that I’ve got bold, credible solutions to bring the jobs back, to balance the budget, to reign in big government, and to defend America. I've heard from you that you are sick of Washington politicians who will say anything to win.

Together, we have an opportunity to send the message that you, the voter, determines who will represent us. Not Washington special interests.

I am going to Washington to solve problems, not to be a career politician. I will give my pension back to taxpayers. I have term limited myself. And I will not become a lobbyist after leaving office.

Pollsters are showing a Rubens Surge. With your help we can restore our nation to greatness.

So please, take the time to vote today and bring along a friend or five as you head to the polls. If you have an hour or two to spare holding a sign, please call Tara at 548-4908 to see how you can help.


Jim Rubens