NH Senate Republicans - Stiles Resolves to Finish Hampton Seawall in 2015

The New Hampshire Senate

Republican Majority Office


Hampton, NH – Senator Nancy Stiles (R-Hampton) today congratulated the NH Department of Resources and Economic Development for making great progress on the Hampton North Beach Seawall Project this year, and looked forward to the Seawall’s completion in 2015. 

Crews from DRED’s Division of Parks and Recreation have halted work on the $4.7 million reconstruction project for the winter, but anticipate finishing the work early next year. Stiles has worked for years to make repair of the Seawall a top priority, and a recent winter storm proved how critical it was to complete the project. 

“I’m pleased that reconstruction of the Hampton Seawall will finally be completed in 2015,” Stiles said. “This project is not only important for public safety, but keeping Ocean Boulevard open is vital to the local and regional economy.” 

DRED Parks Director Phillip Bryce says depending on the weather, crews could be back to work as early as March, and plan on completing the Seawall Project by June 15th. DRED has responsibility to maintain the 12-foot high Seawall, which was first built in the 1930’s. This project marks the first major repairs on the North Beach Seawall since then. 

“We greatly appreciate the support of the Legislature, and especially the support and leadership of Senator Stiles, so we could finish the project in 2015,” Bryce added. “As a result, we were able to save over a million dollars.” 

A 140-foot section of the seawall was severely damaged in December 2012, leaving Ocean Boulevard vulnerable to flooding and storm surge. Stiles authored an amendment to the 2013 Capital Budget to secure $4.7 million to complete repairs, half coming from the Capital Budget itself and the other half coming from revenues from parking meters on Hampton Beach.