Rubens Speaks on Article V Convention & Political Money Corruption

Political activists have spent years in an ever-escalating, stalemated fight to save our nation from unaccountable, fiscally-reckless Washington government.  It’s time to face up to the reality that things won’t get more than marginally better without fundamental and systemic reform.
Americans now agree. Gallup polling finds that the top issue on our minds over the past year is ... “Dissatisfaction with government/Congress/politicians; Poor leadership/Corruption/Abuse of power.” The corrupt, unaccountable Washington political system now tops the #2 issue, jobs/economy.
That’s why I’ve focused my work in politics (100% volunteer) on the two single most potent routes to systemic reform: 

  • An Article V constitutional convention to bring balanced budgets, term limits, and political money integrity amendments back to the states for potential ratification.
  • Ending the corrupt political money system where votes and policy are traded (perfectly legally) for campaign cash and cushy revolving door payoffs and where the interests of the whole people have been lost and forgotten. 

Here’s where I’ll be speaking on these issues over the coming days:
Wednesday, Jan 21, 1:00-5:00 pm
State House & Capital Center for the Arts, Concord

The NHRebellion walk converges and concludes at this rally for campaign money reform.  Join the walks in progress from Dixville Notch, Keene, Portsmouth or Nashua. I will speak on why conservative and liberty activists need to get behind this.
Thursday, Jan 22, 7:00 pm
Littleton Opera House, 1 Union Street, Littleton
Jim Rubens speaks on why framers George Mason and John Madison added the Article V Convention option to the US Constitution, why it has not yet been used, and why its time has come. The potential, the controversy, the three leading national AVC organizers, how to get involved.  All welcome, ample Q&A, free of charge.

Friday, Jan 30, 12:00 noon
Homestead Restaurant, 1567 Summer Street, Bristol
Jim Rubens speaks on his recent Senate campaign, what’s good/bad about the primaries, and the corrupting role big money plays in the process and how this can be improved so that Congress is accountable to the people. RSVP to Max Stamp, Father Bennett’s Boys Club, 744-8223.


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Jim Rubens