300-mile New Hampshire Rebellion Walks and Rally Urge Presidential Candidates to Stop Big Money in Politics
Concord, NH - On Wednesday, January 21st at 1pm, hundreds of citizens from across New Hampshire and the region will rally in front of the N.H. State House to protest big money in politics and demand the presidential candidates address campaign finance corruption in the upcoming election. The Rally will feature state and national reform leaders from across the political spectrum, including Lawrence Lessig, Ben Cohen, Hedrick Smith, John Pudner, Jim Rubens, and Andrew Hemingway who have come together to make curbing big money in politics the leading issue in the 2016 presidential election. The rally, which marks the 5th anniversary of the Citizens United Supreme Court ruling, will be followed by an evening "Walk the Talk" gala from 6-8pm at the Capitol Center for the Arts. The events are free and open to the public. 
Rally for Democracy
  • WHEN: January 21, 1-1:30pm 
  • WHERE: NH State House in Concord
  • WHO: Hundreds of activists and bipartisan leaders Lessig, Cohen, Rubens, Hemingway, student National Anthem singer
Granny D Gala: "Walk the Talk"
  • WHEN: January 21, 5pm reception, 6-8pm event and ice cream social
  • WHERE: Capitol Center for the Arts, Concord
  • WHO: Lessig, Pudner, Open Democracy "Walk the Talk" Awards presented to state senator and citizen activists, musical and video presentations (more info here)
The rally is the culmination of four NH Rebellion citizen marches originating in four corners of the state and covering over 300 miles of challenging terrain in frigid temperatures. The Rally for Democracy will be followed be a petition delivery to the governor and other state officials, and activist trainings and a "Walk the Talk" celebration at the Capitol Center for the Arts.

“As far as We the People are concerned, American elections are bought and paid for by big money special interests, and it’s disgusting,” said Daniel Weeks, Executive Director of NH-based Open Democracy, which organized the Rebellion. As the first-in-the-nation primary state, we are putting the presidential candidates on notice that NH voters are not for sale. We're walking across NH to demand the next president commit to reforming this corrupt system on day one."

NH Rebellion is part of Open Democracy, the Concord-based nonpartisan reform organization founded by Granny D. To learn more about the NH Rebellion, please visit: www.nhrebellion.org. To register for the walk please visit: walk.nhrebellion.org. To see details about the planned events, visit You can also follow us on Twitter @nhrebellion and on Facebook at: facebook.com/nhrebellion.