Veterans Resort Chapel - Lee site review tonight

Veterans Page Union Leader

To the Editor

            Veterans Page UL today’s article “When A community comes together for homeless veterans” questions why no newspaper will cover tonight’s meeting of the Lee NH site review committee.  My wife and I donated 11 acres of land to a veteran’s non-profit to have homes for homeless US Military Veterans.  Lee NH has clearly stated by high-ranking town officials “we are a community of Professors and UNH support staff so we do not deserve homeless in our neighborhoods”.  The newspapers refuse to cover the facts.  I cannot blame them for my mental and physical state from service-connected disabilities makes me appear to be a danger to society.  Tonight Thursday January 22, 2015 7-PM George Bennet Fire Department building Bennet Rd Lee NH.  The Press will not even show up for we the homeless US Military Veterans are a burden on society in Lee NH.

Peter Macdonald Sgt USMC Semper Fi