NH DHHS - Count of Homeless in State to Take Place on January 28th

On Wednesday, January 28, 2015, a count will be conducted to identify

homeless people in New Hampshire. The New Hampshire Department of Health

and Human Services’ Bureau of Homeless and Housing Services (BBHS),

together with service providers who serve homeless individuals and

families, will identify the number of sheltered and unsheltered persons

within a 24-hour period. This is a combined effort between the three local

homeless Continuums of Care (Nashua, Manchester and the “Balance of State”)

that BHHS coordinates with the NH Coalition to End Homelessness.

This count is a snapshot of how many people are experiencing homelessness

on any given day in New Hampshire. It is based on information reported

from city/town welfare offices, homeless shelters, hospitals, hotels,

police departments, faith based organizations, outreach workers, 2-1-1 Call

Center, and other organizations serving people experiencing homelessness in

the State.

In January of 2014, New Hampshire reported 2,210 homeless individuals

across the State. Of that number, 1,241 were sheltered, 394 were

unsheltered, and 575 individuals were doubled up (temporarily residing with

family or friends). The total of 2,210 includes 358 families.

An accurate unduplicated count is required by the US Department of Housing

and Urban Development and is data essential in obtaining funds that

directly benefit individuals and families experiencing homelessness or at

risk of becoming homeless in the State.