NH House - Abramson removed from House Criminal Justice and Public Safety committee


Concord—Speaker of the New Hampshire House Shawn Jasper today announced that Rep. Albert “Max” Abramson (R- Seabrook) will be reassigned to a different House standing committee.  Rep. Abramson was elected to his first term in the House by the voters of Rockingham County, District 20, in November, 2014.  Following organization day, he requested and was placed on the Criminial Justice & Public Safety committtee, but when a felony conviction was recently brought to the attention of House leadership, the decision was made to reassign the first term legislator. 


“Once we did our due diligence and saw the facts, I felt that it was inappropriate for Rep. Abramson to serve on the Criminal Justice and Public Safety committee, given the nature of his conviction,” said Speaker Jasper.  “Once I have had he opportunity to speak directly with Rep. Abramson, he will be reassigned to a different committee.”