NHDP - Kelly Ayotte Votes to Raise Costs for Granite Staters and Put Special Interests First

Concord, N.H. – Kelly Ayotte voted yesterday to raise the price of natural gas for New Hampshire’s people and businesses, once again showing that she will put special interests before the priorities of hard-working Granite Staters.
Independent analyses show that the amendment, introduced by Ted Cruz to send more natural gas overseas, could lead to a tripling in natural gas prices, sending electricity rates soaring in New Hampshire.     
“New Hampshire and the entire northeast region are already struggling with high electricity rates due in large part to a lack of natural gas supply, yet Kelly Ayotte wants to send our natural gas overseas, driving up prices even further,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley. “Kelly Ayotte’s vote yesterday reinforces that she will always put special interests first, while making New Hampshire’s people, businesses, and economy pay the price.”
Former NH Public Utilities Commissioner Clifton Below Called Increasing Exports of Natural Gas Wrong for New Hampshire in a Foster’s Op-Ed. “As a residential and business consumer, and as a former NH Public Utilities Commissioner and legislator, I know how important it is for our elected officials to understand New Hampshire’s energy issues. We need energy policies that promote reliable, affordable and sustainable energy resources. […] independent analyses — and common sense — show that increasing exports of natural gas could substantially raise the price of energy locally by reducing the supply available domestically and driving up electric rates.” [Foster’s Op-Ed, 10/28/14]
Increased Natural Gas Exports Lead ToIncreased Natural Gas Prices Across The U.S. A 2012 report from the U.S. Energy Information Administration found that larger export levels lead to larger domestic price increases.  Moreover, even while consuming less, consumers will see an increase in natural gas and electricity expenditures. [U.S. Energy Information Administration, January 2012]

Study Found That Exporting Natural Gas Could Lead To A Tripling In Natural Gas Prices. A report from Charles River Associates finds that allowing unchecked natural gas exports would negatively impact U.S. employment and manufacturing.  Specifically, the report found that a global natural gas supply shortage of 20-35 billion cubic feet per day by 2030 is projected.  U.S. exports would likely play a major role in filling that gap, leading to a tripling of natural gas prices. [AmericasEnergyAdvantage.org, accessed 10/13/14]

A Surge In LNG Exports Could Increase U.S. Natural Gas Prices Between 4 And 11 Percent. “The EIA concluded that a surge in LNG exports would cause U.S. natural gas supply prices to rise between 4 percent and 11 percent, on average, over its current projections for the 2015 to 2040 period, depending on how much LNG is exported.” [Center for American Progress, 1/27/15]