CEI Today: Obama's 2015 Regulatory Agenda

Monday, Jan. 5, 2014
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Fox News: Obama administration prepares regulatory rush in 2015

According to the Competitive Enterprise Institute, the Obama administration put out 2,375 proposed rules in 2014 that are still under consideration. That's in addition to 3,541 final rules and regulations in 2014, according to CEI. > Read the Fox News story


IBD: Obama's Regulatory Siege Holds Back The Economy


According to data toted up by Competitive Enterprise Institute Fellow Wayne Crews, 2014 ended with 78,978 pages in the Federal Register, the government's regulatory bible. That's the fifth-highest ever. An improvement? Hardly.

As Crews notes, of the "six all-time-high Federal Register page counts, five belong to Obama." > Read the IBD editorial


Globalwarming.org: Major & Obscure Regulations We’re Watching in 2015


2015 figures to be a very busy year for regulators in the Obama presidency. Under the Congressional Review Act (CRA), Congress has 60 business days from the promulgation of a major regulation to vote on a resolution that would vacate the rule. Due to the Presidential veto, however, the Congress’s CRA prerogative is usually toothless. Indeed, the only practical window for a successful CRA challenge occurs when the 60 day time limit (for Congress to act) overlaps with a new and like-minded presidential administration. And because the Congress only conducts, on average, about 10 business days a month, the Obama administration faces a deadline of about May 2016, by which it must promulgate all of its major regulations, in order to ensure that any one them cannot be subject to a successful Congressional Review Act resolution (under his successor President). As such, the clock is ticking, and most of this administration’s regulatory action will have to be wrapped up in the upcoming year. What can we expect for 2015? > Read more


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