CEI Today: Minimum wage, Keystone, chemical regulation, and more

Wednesday, Jan. 7, 2014
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20 States Raise Minimum Wage: Happy New Year?

The minimum wage is one of the most popular policies for fighting poverty, and proposed increases to it usually poll very well. The $7.25 per hour federal minimum wage hasn’t increased since 2009, so now many states are enacting their own minimum wage hikes. Twenty states are inaugurating 2015 with new increases. Yet, these minimum wage increases will not help reduce poverty. Why? The reason is tradeoffs. > Read more

> Interview Ryan Young



Keystone XL Pipeline: What Are the Core Issues?


In the protracted conflict over the Keystone XL Pipeline, too much attention is paid to peripheral issues and not enough to the core issues.

Peripheral issues include whether the pipeline will create many or few jobs, lower or raise Midwest gasoline prices, reduce or increase the risks of oil spills, reduce or increase incremental greenhouse gas emissions.


Keystone foes operate on a different maxim. They believe government should empower ‘stakeholders’ (i.e. activists like themselves) to upend other people’s business plans and stifle wealth creation. They think that if they just make enough noise, gin up enough protests, promise or threaten to support or oppose enough politicians, they are entitled to stop other people from taking risks with their own capital, hiring contractors, and employing workers. > Read more


> Interview Marlo Lewis


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CNSNews: Consumers to Pay the Price for State Environmental Regulations


Consumers could soon face higher prices, reduced choices and lower-quality products, thanks to a slew of chemical regulations that are advancing in various states. These regulations are unlikely to provide any measurable benefits, and instead would reduce consumers’ access to a myriad of products, from children’s toys and canned food to paint and building materials. > Read more


> Interview Angela Logomasini




Forbes: Two Cheers For Cuba Libre


President Obama’s recent decision to restore diplomatic relations with Cuba was welcomed by many free marketers, but met with skepticism by those who favor political freedom on the island. Both sides in this debate make strong points. I tend to side with the market optimists, but we could all learn from watching coming developments closely. > Read more


> Interview Fred L. Smith, Jr.



Globalwarming.org: Oil’s ‘Swoon’ Is Not an Argument for Carbon Taxes


It was inevitable. As soon as consumers and the economy start to enjoy significant relief from a decade of pain at the pump, the political class clamors for higher gas taxes and new carbon taxes. > Read more

> Interview Marlo Lewis

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