NH House Majority Caucus Supports Vote on Transparency

Wednesday, January 7th, 2015 -
The New Hampshire House of Representatives voted today to table the amendment to require twenty members to second a request for a roll call vote instead of ten, as proposed and unanimously passed by the House Rules committee chaired by Speaker Jasper. The vote was hailed by the House Republican Majority Caucus as a positive move in maintaining openness in government and to adhering to long-standing House traditions.

Rep. William O’Brien (R – Mont Vernon), who was elected House Republican Majority Caucus Leader by a unanimous vote of House GOP members in December stated, “This is a win for the people of New Hampshire who want continued accountability and transparency in our government.

The people of New Hampshire sent us to Concord to reduce taxes, balance the budget and reduce regulations, and they want to see how we do it,” said O’Brien. “Openness in government is essential to what we do here, and it is the intention of our caucus to support transparency at every opportunity. “