NHDP - US Rep Guinta Votes To Defund Planned Parenthood


Today, the House of Representatives avoided a Republican-led government shutdown, just a few hours before midnight by passing a short-term funding resolution that will keep the United States government open through the beginning of December. With a vote count of 277-151, Congressman Frank Guinta proved to be more extreme than most of his colleagues by voting against that legislation that would keep the government open. Clearly, Guinta prefers to play politics over governing responsibly.

If Guinta had his way, a government shutdown would have occurred at midnightWednesday, with potentially disastrous results on the economy and private sector jobs, the closure of many government agencies, delayed veterans’ disability checks, stalled small business loans and much more.

“Over the course of several months, the Republican Party has brought our country closer and closer to the brink, by holding the government hostage over women’s health funding. And, while the Congress has temporarily avoided that shutdown at the very last minute, Guinta has made perfectly clear his willingness to take us over the edge. Guinta’s reckless vote against preventing that shutdown demonstrates a dangerous refusal to govern responsibly,” said Meredith Kelly of the DCCC.