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The Man Who Wouldn't Sit Down

Alfonso Aguilar discusses the flaws with Spanish language news:
“Spanish-language media is not being held to the same standards as mainstream media”



Three Republican Presidential Candidates Speak at American Principles Project Forum


Ben Carson’s Muddled Messaging on Life

By Frank Cannon


Ben Carson has time and time again affirmed his pro-life position. However, Dr. Carson has made several confusing statements that call that stance into question. These statements included bizarre, unprovoked statements in support of the abortion pill RU-486, his past participation in fetal tissue research, and his campaign’s muddled responses as to which legal restrictions on abortion Carson would support.


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Presidential Hopefuls Hawk Conservative Ideals at Hooksett ‘Federalism’ Forum

"The event, hosted by the conservative American Principles Project, included speeches from fellow Republican candidates Carly Fiorina and Rick Santorum, and focused on tried and true Tea Party themes: wresting power from federal politicians, simplifying the tax system, eliminating Common Core and reestablishing religious freedom."


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The Missing Fed

By Steve Lonegan


"The Federal Reserve is the most powerful unelected financial powerhouse in the world. Its impact on our economy and financial markets is staggering.


Yet this unaccountable institution and its role in our economy and government is missing from the presidential debate."


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Fiorina: Get the Feds Out of Your Child’s Education

By Emmett McGroarty


"Most of the Republican presidential candidates at least pay lip service to the idea of local control over education. Some even call for abolishing the U.S. Department of Education (USED). But what do these positions really mean? Does “local control” extend to standards and testing (the federal government’s big stick), or should the federal government ride herd over those aspects of education? Would abolishing USED accomplish anything other than rolling its responsibilities over to a different agency (such as the Department of Labor, given the workforce-development mania in the national education establishment)?"


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Exclusive- Ted Cruz: States Should ‘Stand Up and Lead’ On Defunding Planned Parenthood

"Cruz headlined an event in New Hampshire, “Practical Federalism: Stand Up and Fight,” hosted by American Principles Project, Cornerstone Action, and The Family Leader, that focused on how far America has moved away from the Constitution over the past century, shifting power away from the states and the people and toward the federal government."


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