To: Interested Parties
From: Jennifer Horn, Chairman, New Hampshire Republican Party
Re: Governor Hassan Is No Problem Solver
Date: October 12, 2015

With the first No Labels national convention here in Manchester today, we thought it was important to highlight a politician who doesn't know the first thing about problem solving: Governor Hassan.
In Hassan's time as a state Senator and Governor, she has been too extreme and too partisan for our state.
Bottom-line: A quick review of Governor Hassan's positions shows she doesn't understand what it means to be a No Labels Problem Solver.


Hassan on Jobs


Under Governor Hassan's leadership, New Hampshire has ranked in the bottom 10 in the country for job creation since the last recession. Our corporate tax climate ranks 3rd worst in the country, and the outright worst in New England. By vetoing the state budget that included critical tax cuts for businesses and clinging fiercely to her tax & spend ideology, Hassan has sent a strong signal to job-creating businesses looking to come to New Hampshire: you're not welcome.
The first goal of the No Labels National Strategic Agenda is to create 25 million jobs over the next 10 years. Unfortunately, due to her extreme tax & spend policies, Governor Hassan has made it harder for businesses across the state to create jobs.
Instead of supporting tax cuts that would help address New Hampshire's rating as the third worst state for corporate tax culture, Hassan vetoed the entire state budget.  
But Hassan not only vetoed the lower rates, she made clear that "out-of-state corporations" are not welcome here. Nothing says "welcome, employers" like high business tax rates and a governor who denounces nonnative companies.(Union Leader, 7/14/15)
Nearly every budget Hassan has worked on has hiked up taxes and spending, including her draft 2015 budget, her draft 2013 budget, and two budgets she voted on in the Senate.


Hassan on Medicare and Social Security


The No Labels National Strategic Agenda calls for lawmakers to secure Medicare and Social Security for 75 years. But Governor Hassan's attitude toward anyone seeking to save these programs from bankruptcy was made crystal clear in the first week of her candidacy when she attacked Kelly Ayotte for trying to find solutions.
The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services reported this year that Medicare will be bankrupt by 2030. Just four years later, Social Security will also go belly-up, leaving seniors stranded.
All of this begs the question - what would Hassan do to save Medicare and Social Security?
The answer is that we just don't know. Maggie Hassan has not proposed solutions for this problem, instead opting for typical Washington grandstanding and scare tactics.


Hassan on Budgets


The third pillar of the National Strategic Agenda is to balance the federal budget by 2030.
New Hampshire governors are required by law to submit balanced budgets to the Legislature. But Governor Hassan's budgets use dishonest gimmicks to get there.
The Nashua Telegraph said Hassan's 2015 budget failed to reflect the reality of the taxpayers: "We believe government should, to the largest degree possible, reflect the same realities faced by those who fund it. This budget fails that test."
What's worse, she used "imaginary" revenue to balance her budget:
"It is a lot easier to write a budget, as Gov. Maggie Hassan did this year, when you get to use imaginary money you do not have and are unlikely to get... Hassan was able to propose spending more because she started with much higher revenue - imaginary revenue. She estimated that state revenue over the next two years would be $229 million more than the House estimated." (Union Leader, 3/30/15)


Hassan on Energy


The final pillar of the No Labels National Strategic Agenda is to make America energy secure by 2024. But when it comes to how Maggie Hassan would help make America's energy secure...we simply don't know.
Hassan hasn't taken positions on major energy issues, like the Keystone pipeline, leaving many to ask - what does she believe?


No Labels is an organization driven by a desire to find solutions. It highlights Problem Solvers in Congress, and elsewhere, who are dedicated to working together despite ideology to deliver results. However, Governor Maggie Hassan is no Problem Solver. She clings fiercely to her tax & spend and extreme policies, she demonizes members of the opposite party, and on many challenges facing our state and our nation we simply don't know what she believes.
We need a Senator who is willing to be a problem solver and work across the aisle to find solutions and get results on the issues that matter most to us. That's not Governor Hassan.