Ayotte For US Senate - No Labels Problem Solver Convention


Today, I spoke at the No Labels Problem Solver Convention in Manchester. I’ve been named a No Labels Problem Solver, and I wanted to take a moment to tell you what that means to me.
In Washington, it’s easier to talk past and disagree with each other than to take action. It’s easy to score political points by playing games and pointing fingers. 
I believe, though, that you elected me to get things done and make progress on the issues that matter most to you. You and I know that solving problems doesn’t have to mean bigger and bigger government, more irresponsible spending, or more top down federal mandates. All it takes is some New Hampshire common sense.
I’m working to make college more affordable by supporting tax-free college savings plans, making it easier for employers who want to help with student loan repayment to do so, and removing barriers to refinancing your student loans at a lower rate.
I’m proud to have voted for the first balanced budget to pass the Senate in 14 years, and I’m working with members of both parties to stop wasteful spending, cut red tape, and eliminate unnecessary bureaucracy. 
I’m also bringing people together to find local solutions to the challenges facing our communities, whether that’s supporting first responders and health care providers tackling the heroin epidemic or passing education reform that empowers parents and restores local control.
Reaching across the aisle doesn’t require that we compromise our core principles. When you reach out with an open hand and focus on the issues you agree on, you can make progress on common-sense, freedom-based reforms we all support.