Hassan Continues To Defend Incompetent Drug Czar After Revelations of Continued Mismanagement
Concord - In an interview WMUR-TV yesterday, Governor Hassan defended her embattled drug czar Jack Wozmak and lashed out at the New Hampshire Medical Society for criticizing her administration's lack of leadership on the state's drug epidemic. Medical Society President Dr. Lukas Kolm told Foster's Daily Democrat earlier this week that he would like to see "greater leadership at the state level" on the heroin crisis and said that Mr. Wozmak had failed to "reach out to physicians."
Governor Hassan fired back by dismissing Dr. Kolm's concerns about her drug czar's lack of contact with the Medical Society and criticized New Hampshire doctors for "pushing back" against her agenda.
"Governor Hassan's drug czar has a well-documented history of mishandling relationships with substance abuse prevention stakeholders, and it is unacceptable that the governor has turned a blind eye to public revelations of his incompetence and mismanagement," said NHGOP Chairman Jennifer Horn. "It is unfortunate that instead of working to establish a productive working relationship with the medical community, Governor Hassan would rather go on television to air out her disagreements with top New Hampshire physicians. The governor's focus should be fixing the numerous problems within her own administration instead of her distracting United States Senate campaign that has hindered her ability to address New Hampshire's growing heroin epidemic."
Senators Sam Cataldo (R-Farmington) and Andy Sanborn (R-Bedford) have both called on Governor Hassan to take responsibility for the failures of her response to the drug crisis and replace Mr. Wozmak with a competent and focused individual.