Jindal For President - Hillary Clinton Now Supports Gun Confiscation

Jindal for President


BATON ROUGE – Governor Bobby Jindal today slammed Hillary Clinton for saying the federal government should look at confiscating the guns of law-abiding citizens.

Governor Jindal said, “Today in New Hampshire, Hillary Clinton came out in favor of gun confiscation, further cementing her support for socialism in America. Secretary Clinton's comment takes the phrase gun control to a whole new level. Calling it gun control doesn't event do this justice — this is gun seizure. 

"Secretary Clinton's comment is an example of the nanny state on display. She won't stop with just taking away our guns and our Second Amendment rights, she will come for everything else that she and her big government elitist colleagues think is bad for us dim-witted Americans.

"When the government confiscated guns after Katrina, I passed a law so it would never happen again – and I won't let Hillary do it now. Hillary Clinton can’t dictate our religious beliefs, and she certainly can’t take our guns.”