NEW DNC VIDEO: Why we need to make our 45th President a Democrat


At Tuesday’s first Democratic debate, Americans (15.8 million, in fact) got to hear our presidential candidates talk about their vision to move America forward and to strengthen the middle class. They had a substantive conversation about important issues like equal pay, immigration reform, college affordability, and climate change. And in so doing, they made clear that they’re ready to lead this country.


This, of course, is in stark contrast with the Republicans running for president, all of whom have failed to propose any ideas other than recycling disastrous policies that would drag America backwards during their nearly ten hours of debates.

Take a look at our new DNC video that highlights this difference, given how many issues were either entirely ignored or not seriously dealt with at Republican debates, and why we need to make our 45th President a Democrat:



P.S. And if you missed the Democratic debate the first time, you can watch it again on CNN tonight at 10 pm ET!