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We are offering a one hour informational networking session at 25 Lowell St, Manchester, NH Suite 309 on Saturday, Oct 24 at 7:30 AM....plenty of time to get to your job or family event after this meeting.  For details click here to print out a flyer to share or send.  Come and learn about lead abatement work in the State of NH.  There will be a 20 minute presentation and then time for questions.
What questions do you have? What would it take to get certified? What does it pay? Do you need insurance? How much work is there? Can I keep my crew? I have that one-day EPA class....does that count? Do you work through the winter? We will answer these questions and more  over a cup of coffee on Saturday morning.
What else do you want to know? Call  603-781-4304 or email or better yet - just show up!  Meet people who are doing it, and people who are hiring.
Abatement Contractors who want to participate, please contact me.
Kate Kirkwood
K Kirkwood Consulting
25 Lowell St, suite 309
Manchester, NH 03101