FrackNation - "GasHoax" Premiere Counters Fracking Health Hoaxes


GasHoax Premiere Counters Fracking Health Scares

New film by Phelim McAleer premiered today on

Journalist and filmmaker Phelim McAleer released a new short film today, GasHoax, that draws attention to the scaremongering and deceptive tactics of anti-fracking activists--specifically Josh Fox, director of Gasland and the new short GASWORK.

GasHoax was released this morning on the news site to coincide with the premiere of Josh Fox's GASWORK on MSNBC's All In with Chris Hayes at 8 p.m. tonight.

GasHoax highlights how many of Fox's claims have been debunked, and it criticizes journalists for continuing to report new claims despite Fox's record of unethical and misleading journalism.

"Why is MSNBC giving him a national platform without asking him some hard questions?" McAleer asked. "Fox's new film is going to claim that fracking is injuring, poisoning, and even killing those working in the oil and gas industry. As usual, the facts tell a completely different story."

In an article on that elaborates on why he made GasHoax, McAleer wrote:

"According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, despite the oil and gas boom adding hundreds of thousands of new workers to the industry, there has been no corresponding spike in the proportion of injuries or deaths. The figures go up and down every year but the trend is downwards even as the number of workers goes up. In terms of sick days, you’re more likely to be off work because of sickness if you are a teacher than in the oil and gas industry. The hospitality industry is also more damaging to your health. Even Josh Fox’s sector – the entertainment industry - has a worse employee sickness record."

McAleer has a history of challenging Fox on his unethical journalism, producing the acclaimed FrackNation documentary to counter Fox's Gasland film which started the anti-fracking movement. Gasland contains the now infamous "flaming faucet" scene—which Fox has since admitted was deceptive. Fox withheld evidence showing that fracking was not responsible for the flaming faucet because he had decided it was "not relevant."

Fox's subsequent short film, The Sky Is Pink, has emerged as Fox's most egregious hoax. In the film Fox claims that breast cancer spiked when fracking started in the Barnett Shale region of Texas.

“Fox's breast cancer claim was widely reported by the mainstream media but has since been dismissed as nonsense by every respected cancer expert in the region," McAleer said. "Fox has never corrected the record or apologized for scaring women and families."

After the film was released, the Associated Press interviewed cancer experts in the area who debunked Fox's claim.

"Josh Fox is an unethical journalist. Everyone knows that except Chris Hayes and MSNBC apparently," McAleer said. "They need to ask him tough questions, not give him a platform so he can scaremonger and spread fear."

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