Concord - New Hampshire Republican State Committee Chairman Jennifer Horn today released the following statement regarding news of a budget surplus and $20 million in unspent funds for developmentally disabled services:
"Despite Governor Hassan's false accusations and irresponsible political rhetoric, the Legislature passed a fiscally responsible, balanced budget. More alarming though is her continued mismanagement of the Department of Health and Human Services, particularly the unsettling revelation of twenty million dollars in unspent funds for the developmentally disabled that should have been used to address an unacceptably long wait list.
"This instance of mismanagement wouldn't be so troubling if it weren't for the governor's long history of mishandling health care spending, from raiding millions in nursing home funding to losing track of a federal grant for substance abuse prevention to appointing an incompetent and discredited drug czar. It is shameful that Governor Hassan's political ambition and obsession with higher office has had such a negative impact on New Hampshire's most vulnerable. Instead of trying to take political credit, the governor should focus on fixing the numerous problems within her own administration and state government."
Union Leader: "Hassan Had Warned Republican Budget Writers In June They Were Assuming Too Large A 2015 Surplus To Help Balance This Biennium's Budget. But Wednesday Hassan Said The Figures, Which Include Accounting Adjustments, Show The State's Finances Are On Solid Ground." (Garry Rayno, "State records a $73 million surplus for 2015," Union Leader, 10/1/15)
  • Senator Chuck Morse: "'The Report Released Today Proves What The Senate Has Maintained All Along: The Fiscal Year 2015 Budget Is Balanced, Honest And Shows That The State Is Living Within Its Means'...But He Questioned Why $20 Million Earmarked For Developmentally Disabled Services And To End The Wait List Of Those Moving From School To State Services Was Not Spent During The Biennium" (Garry Rayno, "State records a $73 million surplus for 2015," Union Leader, 10/1/15)