Watchdog - Nanny State of the Week: Save us from our sports


If you’ve watched even a single NFL game on television this season, you’ve probably seen the ads for so-called“daily fantasy sports leagues.” These tremendously popular (and profitable) fantasy leagues promise huge cash payouts to players who canselect the best fantasy teams in baseball, football, and even golf, and they take in tens of millions of dollars in user fees everyweek.

Recent allegations, however,have surfaced involving questions about whether employees from one site were using insider information to gain a leg-up in contests run by the othersite. It represents a sort-of scandal at worst, but guess who wants to come riding in to the rescue?

That's right, America's political class. Politicians have started calling for allsorts of regulations and even outright bans on fantasy sports - even in states that currently allow plenty of forms of gambling.

We get it, there are good reasonsto be concerned about these fantasy leagues, but they aren't fundamentally different than any other form of state-sanctioned gambling already inexistence.

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