WASHINGTON, D.C. –  This week, the U.S. House of Representatives will consider legislation that includes Rep. Frank Guinta’s repeal of Obamacare’s “Cadillac tax” on middle-class families’ health insurance plans. A coming change under the healthcare law, which passed with only Democrat votes, could mean more Americans lose their insurance plans or jobs,  as both public and private employers cope with a 40 percent tax on the health benefits they offer.

    “Granite State employers requested my help to turn back new levies on benefits they offer employees, to attract the best people and retain them,” said Rep. Guinta (NH01).“Municipalities are facing big new charges, meaning property tax hikes and probably termination of state and local workers. That’s why bipartisan members are supporting repeal of the Cadillac tax, one of Obamacare’s many failures.”

     A study from the non-partisan American Health Policy Institute shows over 12 million Americans will see an average payroll tax increase of $1,050 per year. Rep. Guinta’sAx the Tax on Middle Class Americans’ Health Plans Act was the first stand-alone legislation to prevent higher taxes and job losses associated with the Cadillac tax.

    “Granite Staters’ concerns and counsel were crucial to shaping this bill,” said Rep. Guinta, Manchester’s former mayor and current member of the House Financial Services Committee.“I urge constituents feeling the pain of federal taxes and regulation to contact my office.”

    A vote to repeal the Cadillac tax could come tomorrow or Friday, as part of the largerRestoring Americans’ Healthcare Freedom Reconciliation Act, which would end other Obamacare provisions, such as automatic enrollment, the individual mandate and medical device tax.

    “This law represents a shocking centralization of power in Washington, where bureaucrats are dictating Americans’ personal choices and siphoning income to federal agencies,”said the Congressman. “I’m committed to returning control to hardworking families.”