AFP - Export-Import Bank back from the grave?

Congress is trying to resuscitate something, butit's NOT the economy!

Instead, they're going to try to use an obscureCongressional rule and back-room deals to bring the Export-Import Bank backfrom the dead. YES, the one we fought hard for two years to end. 

We had a huge victory this past June, thanks to your help, instanding up to lobbyists and big corporate interests while they try to put screwsto members of Congress. Now, some of these lawmakers are buckling.  

Click here and let them know that's not acceptable. 


While Speaker Boehner may be retiring, the rest of Congresshas a duty to move the country forward, not bring a depression-era relic backfrom the grave!  They shouldn't abandonfree-market principles just to satisfy a few special interests. 



Tell them that just because Halloween is around the cornerdoesn't mean they should pass out more tricks to taxpayers - or more treats forthe well-connected. And no more sending our tax dollars to places like Russiaand China!

A vote to undo our progress on Ex-Im could happen in the next week, so please click here and send a message to your lawmaker. Then, sharethe email and the hyperlink with everyone in your phone book.

Thank you for all you do for economic freedom!

Americans for Prosperity 

P.S. Need a refresher on Ex-Im? Read this.