NH GOP - Sanctuary Cities

Yesterday, Senate Democrats led by Harry Reid voted to block legislation to crack down on sanctuary cities that shield known illegal immigrants with criminal histories.

As Harry Reid's handpicked candidate for United States Senate, it's no surprise that Maggie Hassan also has a history of blocking legislation to prevent sanctuary cities right here in New Hampshire. 

When illegal immigrants commit violent crimes in our country, they need to be arrested and immediately deported, yet Hassan voted against this and would allow sanctuary cities.

We need your help to continue to expose how extreme and out-of-touch Hassan's views are with New Hampshire’s commonsense values. 

Senator Kelly Ayotte, law enforcement, and victims' rights organizations support this important legislation, yet Hassan's record shows us she wouldn't have. Click here and chip in today to make sure she doesn't have that chance again. 

Thank you for your generous support of the New Hampshire Republican Party.