ALG - First test of Ryan Speakership comes in December continuing resolution



Oct. 28, 2015, Fairfax,Va.—Americans for Limited Government President Rick Manning today issued thefollowing statement on imminent House passage of thedebt deal that suspends the debt ceiling until March 2017

"Today's debt deal struckin secret by John Boehner and the White House underscores the challenges facingPaul Ryan as he prepares to be the next House Speaker. The first test of Ryan inthe upcoming December continuing resolution to see if he will rein in Obama'sout of control executive overreach. 

"This will be anopportunity to include policy riders into appropriations measures thatsystematically prohibit the use of funds to execute the Obama agenda.


"For example, the Housecould deny funds to the Department of Housing and Urban Development tocondition community development block grants on redrawing local zoning tocomport with HUD racial and income quotas. The House could defund the EPA's sueand settle regulatory overreach. Or, deny funds to the National Labor RelationsBoard's continued assault on small businesses. There are hundreds of ridersthat can and should be considered by the House to actually stop Obama'sfundamental transformation of America.


"The real test for Ryanwill be if he chooses to accept Obama's agenda, or use the power of the purseto stop it."


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