Carly4America - Third Debate Declared a Win for Carly Fiorina By NH Activists

Concord, NH – Tonight,CNBC hosted the third official Republican Primary debate in Boulder, Colo. Carly Fiorina joined nine other Republican candidates on the main debate stage, which was moderated by NBC's Carl Quintanilla, Becky Quick and John Harwood and broadcast from the Coors Events Center at the University of Colorado Boulder.
Bettie Lamontagne, Grassroots Republican Activist:
“Carly’s utilized another opportunity to introduce herself to the American people. She articulates a strong command of the issues – demonstrating she has one of the best minds on the stage. I expect support for her will continue to grow as more and more people see and hear Carly.”
The Honorable Tom Eaton, former New Hampshire State Senate President:
“Living in New Hampshire all my life, I’ve had the privilege of meeting many presidential contenders. The first time I met Carly Fiorina, I knew she had something special. I remember being impressed by her character, her ability to communicate, and her intellect. Carly is aware, poised, grounded, and confident. Simply put, she is presidential – I’m not surprised at all by her strong performance tonight.”