NRSC Launches Website Highlighting Governor Gridlock Hassan's Failed Leadership



Committee Launches To Highlight Governor Gridlock's Failed Leadership in New Hampshire 

WASHINGTON – Following Governor Gridlock Maggie Hassan's announcement, the NRSC launched – a new website that highlights Hassan's failed leadership and directly refutes the ridiculous claims Hassan made in her non-announcement video.

Visitors to the site can learn more about Harry Reid's hand-picked candidate – from her partisan budget veto to her ineffective response to New Hampshire's heroin epidemic.

Stay tuned as exposes Maggie Hassan's partisan, ineffective, and out of touch record.

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Maggie Hassan’s Partisan Budget Veto 

On June 25, 2015, Hassan Vetoed The New Hampshire Legislature’s Budget. (“Gov. Maggie Hassan Vetoes Budget Passed By NH House, Senate,” Associated Press, 6/25/15)

Foster’s Daily Democrat: “We Consider [Hassan’s] Veto A Serious Mistake In Terms Of Serving The Best Interests Of The Granite State.” (Editorial, “Gov. Hassan's Budget Veto Will Prove A Mistake,” Foster’s Daily Democrat, 7/2/15)

“Gov. Maggie Hassan Is Taking A Strong Stand Against Proposed Business Tax Cuts.” (“Hassan Takes Stand On Business Tax Cuts,” WCAX News, 6/18/15) 

Hassan Called The Business Tax Cuts She Signed Into Law “Unfunded Tax Cuts For Big Corporations.” Hassan: "I will veto it if it comes to my desk as it is. I have been at the table with Republican leadership and have been clear throughout the process about how we can achieve a bipartisan budget that addresses our shared priorities, but Republican leadership refused to compromise on any of the major issues – most critically their unfunded tax cuts for big corporations.” (Governor Maggie Hassan, “Republican Budget Is Fiscally Irresponsible and Unbalanced, Will Veto If Comes to Desk As It Is,” Press Release, 6/18/15)

Hassan’s Veto “Left State Agencies Scrambling And A Number Of Social Service Programs Without Expected Increases.” “The budget deal puts an Veto end to a short-term spending plan that left state agencies scrambling and a number of social service programs without expected increases.” (Kathleen Ronayne, “N.H. Passes Budget Deal, Ending Stalemate,” Associated Press, 9/16/15)

  • “Without A Set Spending Plan In Place, Many Health And Social Service Providers Won’t Know How Much Money They Get Or Whether Their Programs Could Again Be On The Chopping Block.” “The current state budget expires June 30. Without a set spending plan in place, many health and social service providers won’t know how much money they get or whether their programs could again be on the chopping block. ‘The uncertainty that it creates is the biggest problem,’ said Jeff Dickinson, Advocacy Director for Granite State Independent Living.” (Allie Morris, “Capital Beat: Health, Social Service Backers Silent On Hassan Budget Veto Threat,” Concord Monitor, 6/21/15)
  • Gina Balkus, An Advocate For Home Health Agencies, Said, “This Is Really, From Our Perspective, The Best Budget We’ve Seen In Years… We Hope Our Needs Don’t Get Lost In The Political Fray That Results From A Veto.” “But the advocates fear a veto could jeopardize those small advances. They are worried about the uncertainty a veto would create. ‘This is really, from our perspective, the best budget we’ve seen in years,’ said Gina Balkus, an advocate for home health agencies. ‘We hope our needs don’t get lost in the political fray that results from a veto.’” (Allie Morris, “Capital Beat: Health, Social Service Backers Silent On Hassan Budget Veto Threat,” Concord Monitor, 6/21/15)

Hassan’s Out Of Touch Veto Stalled Critical Funding To Fight The Heroin Epidemic

The Legislature’s Budget Would Have Doubled The Budget In June For Prevention, Treatment And Recovery Programs. “Throughout the budget process, Republicans and Democrats alike called for greater efforts to address the state's growing heroin and prescription drug abuse problem. The budget would have doubled money in prevention, treatment and recovery fund to $6.7 million, allowing the state to begin investing in now-lacking recovery programs. Without the additional funding, the state can't start issuing requests for proposals for new programs and providers.” (Kathleen Ronayne, “New Hampshire Agencies, Programs Face Budgetary Uncertainty,” Associated Press, 6/29/2015)

The Delay In Increased Funding Led To Continued Waitlists For Alcohol And Drug Prevention Programs, “That Means Continued Overdose Deaths.”“For people who need help, advocates say, the delay will have real consequences...’That means continued waitlists, that means continued overdose deaths,’ said Tym Rourke, chair of the Governor's Commission on Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention, Treatment and Recovery. ‘There is no substantive change we can expect to see around the substance abuse epidemic until we have the ability to provide those expanded services.’” (Kathleen Ronayne, “New Hampshire Agencies, Programs Face Budgetary Uncertainty,” Associated Press, 6/29/2015)

In July, New Hampshire’s Drug Czar Said The State’s Heroin Epidemic Continued To Grow. “New Hampshire's drug czar said Wednesday the heroin epidemic that's gripping the state is so big it almost defies logic.” (Josh McElveen, “NH Drug Czar Says Heroin Epidemic Continues To Grow,” WMUR, 7/15/15)

WMUR: “‘We Need More Action,’ Police Chief Nick Willard Said. ‘We Need The Leaders Of This State To Step Forward And Help Us With This Heroin Epidemic, Because It's Not Going Away.’”(Josh McElveen, "Heroin Seizures Up 20 Times In Manchester Over Last Year," WMUR, 7/7/15)

Union Leader: “Governor Says No To Mayor's Request To Declare Heroin Emergency.” “Gov. Maggie Hassan has declined a request from Manchester Mayor Ted Gatsas that she declare a public health state of emergency over the heroin epidemic in the Queen City and the rest of the state… The request was sent by Gatsas to Hassan last Friday after discussions with Manchester Police Chief Nick Willard, Fire Chief James Burkush and Manchester Health Director Tim Soucy.” (Paul Feely, “Governor Says No To Mayor's Request To Declare Heroin Emergency,” Union Leader, 8/5/15)

Governor Hassan’s Office Was Unaware Of A $12 Million Federal Grant Issued To New Hampshire Geared Toward Drug Prevention. “And while New Hampshire, just like Vermont, recently received a $12 million grant geared toward drug prevention, the New Hampshire governor's office didn't know about it.”(Josh McElveen, “Budget Battle Slows Funds For Heroin Treatment,” WMUR, 7/9/15)

Hassan: “Our Heroin Epidemic Is The Most Pressing Health And Public Safety Challenge That We Have As A State.” “A WMUR Granite State Poll released Tuesday shows that people in New Hampshire see the heroin epidemic as the second biggest problem facing the state, behind the economy. Hassan said she gets it. ‘Our heroin epidemic is the most pressing health and public safety challenge that we have as a state,’ she said.” (Josh McElveen, “Governor Releases Guidelines To Fight State's Heroin Problem,” WMUR, 7/21/15)

Hassan’s Ineffective Leadership 

Hassan’s FY2016-FY2017 Budget Proposal Raised Taxes And Fees By $126 Million. “Hassan is proposing half a dozen new sources of revenue, tax or fee increases estimated to bring in $126 million over two years and projects modest increases in annual revenues from businesses and tourism, among other sources.” (“Hassan Presents Proposed $11.5B Budget Plan,” Associated Press, 2/12/15)

  • The Telegraph: “Some Of [Hassan’s]Revenue Proposals Would Fall Hardest On Those Who Can Least Afford It.” (Editorial, “Hassan Budget Fails An Important Test,” The Telegraph2/15/15)
  •  The Union Leader Said Hassan Used “Imaginary Money” To Fund Her Budget Proposal. “It is a lot easier to write a budget, as Gov. Maggie Hassan did this year, when you get to use imaginary money you do not have and are unlikely to get… Hassan was able to propose spending more because she started with much higher revenue — imaginary revenue. She estimated that state revenue over the next two years would be $229 million more than the House estimated.” (Editorial, “A Realistic Start: The House Finance Committee budget,” Union Leader, 3/30/15)

Hassan’s Proposed FY2014-FY2015 Budget Would Have Increased State Spending By $1 Billion, 10.2 Percent. “With federal money and other state revenue such as highway funds and court fines, the total state budget over the next biennium would be $11.1 billion. That compares to $10.1 billion for the current year, a 10.2 percent increase.” (Sherry Wood, “Budget: Hassan Makes Her Case,” The Union Leader, 2/15/13)

  • Hassan’s Budget Proposal Sought To Pay For Increased Spending With Revenue From Casino Gambling, Tobacco Tax Increases, And An Increase In Insurance Premium Tax Revenues. “The governor pays for the additional spending with money from casino gambling, higher tobacco taxes and an increase in the number of insurance premiums resulting from the Affordable Care Act.” (Sherry Wood, “Budget: Hassan Makes Her Case,” The Union Leader, 2/15/13)

In August 2015, PolitiFact Rated A Claim That Hassan’s Budget Proposal Would Raise Taxes On Small Businesses And Increased Fees By $100 Million As “Mostly True.” Gov. Maggie Hassan’s budget proposal "raises taxes on small businesses and increases taxes and fees by $100 million"...We rate it Mostly True." (Clay Wirestone, "Americans for Prosperity calls NH Gov. Maggie Hassan's budget proposal a tax increase," PolitiFact, 8/27/15)

In The State Senate, Hassan Voted For At Least 82 Tax And Fee Increases, Including The Rooms Tax To Campsites, Meals Tax, And Marriage Licenses. (HB2, Roll Call Vote #104: Conference Report Adopted 13-11, 6/24/09, Hassan Voted Yea; Senate Journal 20, 6/24/09, pg. 597; HB2, Roll Call Vote #104: Conference Report Adopted 13-11, 6/24/09, Hassan Voted Yea; Senate Journal 20, 6/24/09, pg. 596-597; S.S.H.B 1, Roll Call Vote #76: Motion To Pass Sections 1 - 49, 55 - 118 And 121 Adopted 14-10, 6/9/10, Hassan Voted Yea; Senate Special Session Journal 1, 6/9/10, pg. 789)

Hassan Appointed A Commission On Innovation, Efficiency, And Transparency, But Refused To Release Internal Proposals She Requested To Make State Government More Efficient. “Gov. Maggie Hassan says she’s all about government efficiency and transparency. But when it comes to efficiency in government spending, she’s hardly transparent. Pulling together the state’s two-year, $10 billion budget – which affects virtually every person in New Hampshire – is shaping up to be the big challenge of her second term. Already Hassan has required state department heads to submit proposals detailing how their agencies can be more efficient and effective in the coming years because there’s hardly enough money to go around and people haven’t fully recovered from the recession. But Hassan doesn’t want you to see them. The Monitor filed three separate requests under the Right to Know law and the state Constitution asking Hassan to release the efficiency proposals that were due to her office by Dec. 1… Publicly, Hassan often cites innovation, efficiency and even transparency as priorities. And she’s appointed a commission to explore how state government can improve in those areas.” (Jonathan Van Fleet, “Despite Claims Of Transparency, Gov. Hassan Refuses To Release Proposals To Make State Government More Efficient,” Concord Monitor, 1/11/15)