Watchdog - Teachers union spends $37 million on politics


Taxpayers fund $2.2 million for walking app, studies about UV exposure

Taxpayers have shelled out $2.2 million since last year to use social media to convince mothers about the dangers tanning beds pose to their daughters, and to create a smartphone app to help “Latinas” find nearby walking partners.
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American Federation of Teachers union spends $37 million on politics
The latest American Federation of Teachers annual report shows a left-wing political machine humming on all cylinders — much of which is funded by mandatory dues from teachers.


Report raises concerns EPA stacked the deck against Alaska mine project
A new report says the EPA “failed to address important considerations” that would be part of a permit process for a potential mine in Alaska's Bristol Bay Watershed, relying on hypothetical scenarios to preemptively kill the mine.


Education Committee chair: Vermont public schools disadvantaged by school choice
Why would you support a ruling that will likely eliminate school choice for many towns? Vermont Watchdog sat down with state Rep. David Sharpe, chair of the House Committee on Education, to discuss Vermont's consolidation law.


Food truck vendors sue over San Antonio restrictions

Obtaining an operating license and health permit isn’t enough for San Antonio food truck vendors. They must also get notarized permission of any restaurants nearby - and they're steaming mad about it.
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Meet this feisty forklift driver fighting for the right to leave her union


Karen Cox remembers what it was like at her job before union membership became a condition of employment. Despite all the promises the union made, she doesn't see much difference between then and now.



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Paid sick leave a cynical issue for 2016

Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin has called for a new law mandating that all employees offer a paid sick leave benefit to their employees. Is this essentially just a $14 million tax on Vermont's poor, financially vulnerable enterprises?