WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congressman Frank Guinta today called on the Obama Administration to halt the flow of Syrian refugees to the United States, until national security agencies have properly vetted them for ties to radical Islamic groups.“We can’t take the risk of even one potential threat entering our country, not after the carnage of Paris,” said Rep. Guinta (NH01).

    According to reports, a member of the terrorist group ISIS claimed refugee status to enter France and helped to stage a bloody attack that killed over 100 civilians and wounded over 300. Rep. Guinta said the information underscores the need for greater scrutiny of refugees attempting to enter the U.S.

    “We’re the most generous people in the world, giving billions in support of freedom and democracy and aid to refugees,” said the House Financial Services Committee member, “but President Obama has demonstrated a dangerous lack of understanding about the true nature and aims of ISIS. The terrorist army occupies large parts of the Middle East and has stated the intention to kill Americans where we live.”

   “A president who cannot define radical Islam cannot possibly vet thousands of refugees for radical Islamists,” said Rep. Guinta, pointing out the Administration’s refusal to employ the term or to speculate about perpetrators of the Paris attacks, despite available evidence.

   “Hours before ISIS conducted one of its biggest operations, the President claimed to have contained the threat. He’s admitted to having no strategy. So it’s up to Congress to fill the leadership void and protect our homeland, while we also maintain humanitarian efforts.”

   The Congressman has signed a bipartisan letter to President Obama calling for an immediate stop to admissions of Syrian refugees. He supports legislation requiring Congressional approval of refugee levels and thorough FBI and Department of Homeland Security background checks.