Innis For Congress - Syrian refugees

Portsmouth, N.H. – Business owner and congressional candidate Dan Innis today released the following statement demanding an immediate halt in the acceptance of Syrian refugees and calling on fellow first district congressional candidate Carol Shea-Porter to take a stand on the issue: 

“Following the horrific terrorist attacks in Paris, the United States must immediately halt any further Syrian refugees from entering our country pending a review of our vetting process. It is important that the federal government guarantee that those taking haven in our country pose no threat to public safety. While it is critical that we not lose sight of our moral obligation to care for those in need, it is the foremost duty of our government to protect its citizens.

 “President Obama’s plan to bring in thousands of Syrian refugees without a thorough review of security standards is dangerous and the American public is rightly outraged. As a candidate for Congress, Carol Shea-Porter should make it known whether she agrees with our state's Governor Maggie Hassan that a thoughtful pause on immigration is necessary in the wake of the horrific attacks in Paris, or if she supports carte-blanche policy at the risk of our security. Granite Staters deserve leaders who will be honest and forthright, and I hope former Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter will meet that basic standard.”