NH House - Speaker announces Taskforce members

Concord—New Hampshire  House Speaker Shawn Jasper today released the names of House members who have been appointed to a Joint Task Force  established today with the passage of HCR1 (196-40).  Of the 14 House members appointed to the task force, eight are republicans and six are democrats.  In addition, the speaker appointed 10 alternates, six republicans and four democrats, who will step in should one of the sitting members of the task force be unable to attend a meeting.


House Majority Leader                                                                                         Rep. Richard W. Hinch (r-Merrimack)

House Minority Leader                                                                                         Rep. Stephen J. Shurtleff (d-Penacook)

Chairman of House Judiciary                                                                              Rep. Robert H. Rowe (r-Amherst)  (designee: Rep.Claire Rouillard, r-Goffstown)

Ranking Minority Member of House Judiciary                                                Rep. Linda Kenison (d-Concord)

Chairman of House Finance                                                                               Rep. Neal M. Kurk (r-Weare)..(designee: Rep. Lynne M. Ober, r-Hudson)

Ranking Minority Member of House Finance                                                 Rep. Cindy Rosenwald (d-Nashua)

Chairman of House Criminal Justice                                                                 Rep. John E. Tholl, Jr. (r-Whitefield)

Ranking Minority Member of House Criminal Justice                                   Rep. Andrew S. O’Hearne (d-Claremont)

Chairman of House Health & Human Services                                                Rep. Frank R. Kotowski (r-Hooksett)

Ranking Minority Member of House Health & Human Services                 Rep. Thomas M. Sherman (d-Rye)

Chairman of House Executive Depts. & Administration                               (designee)Rep. Peter T. Hansen (r-Amherst)

Ranking Minority Member of Executive Depts. & Admin.                           Rep. Jeffrey P. Goley (d-Manchester)

House Speaker Appointee                                                                                   Rep. Joseph Hannon (r-Lee)

House Speaker Appointee                                                                                   Rep. Sherman A. Packard (r-Londonderry)


House Alternates

Rep. Valerie Fraser (r-New Hampton)

Rep. Joseph M. Hagan (r-Chester)

Rep. Rick M. Ladd (r-Haverhill)

Rep. David J. Danielson (r-Bedford)

Rep. Catherine A. Cheney (r-Dover)

Rep. John B. Hunt (r-Rindge)

Rep. Janet G. Wall (d-Madbury)

Rep. Laura C. Pantelakos (d-Portsmouth)

Rep. James R. MacKay (d-Concord)

Rep. Raymond G. Gagnon (d-Claremont)


As the first named House member listed in the resolution, Majority Leader Dick Hinch has set the date of the organizational meeting for Tuesday, November 24, 2015 at 9:00 a.m.  An agenda for the meeting will be released within the next few days.