ALG - Urge Congress to close the border and issue travel restrictions out of Africa, the Middle East, and Asia!


Nov. 19, 2015


Dear Liberty Activist,


Clickhere to urge Congress to close the border and issue travel restrictions out ofAfrica, the Middle East, and Asia!


The House of Representativesis considering a proposal that would require some additional FBI scrutiny for about 10,000 refugeesfrom the war in Syria and Iraq.There's only one problem, it ignores the vast majority of people who travel tothe U.S. every single year from the region with regular visas.


"This seems like a cynicaljoke rather than a serious effort to beef up security," said Americans forLimited Government President Rick Manning. "Rather than thoroughly vet andrestrict the hundredsof thousands of visas issued out of North Africa, the Middle East and Asia,and have a real discussion about the wisdom of the geographic allocation of ourlegal immigration system, Congress is papering over these larger issues with aknee-jerk small approach focusing upon 10,000 Syrian refugees expected in thenext year. They must be kidding."


The whole approach has anobvious loophole, Manning noted: "Even if they make it harder to qualify as arefugee, the fact is our borders — thanks to our open-ended visa program — arestill wide open. The enemy will just apply for employment, student, or basictravel visas. The 9/11 hijackers were all on legal visas, not pretending to berefugees seeking asylum," Manning added.


"That is why if Congressis truly serious about this issue they will restrict travel on the basis ofregion where the enemy is traveling out of until this situation is sorted, thewar has ended, and the enemy is eliminated. Having open-ended immigration fromcountries you are at war with is exceptionally unwise. In the meantime, theenemy, after fighting in Syria, Iraq and elsewhere, with blood fresh on theirhands, are sneaking into the West and hiding in expat communities. Those whoare already here and home-grown terrorists are a separate issue subject to theFBI, counterterrorism officials and local law enforcement. What Congress can donow, to limit this threat, is close off travel from areas the enemy is known tooriginate and travel from."


You know what to do! Let'sget on Rally Congress and urge Congress to close off the border and restricttravel from regions where the enemy is known to travel from. Don't letyour member complain about 10,000 refugees all the while ignoring the hundreds of thousands of immigrants coming in from that region via our open-ended visasystem.


As ALG's Manning concluded,"This is the big discussion that we need to have in our nation. Do we want tofollow the suicidal immigration policies that find Europe beset by no-go zonesinhabited by immigrants who follow Sharia Law and have no intention ofassimilating, or do we want to follow our nation's immigration laws and controlwho gets the privilege of entering the United States? That is the real choiceCongress faces."


Let's keep fighting!