CEI Today: UN climate conference, Big Labor against McDonald's, and fantasy sports betting

Friday, November 20, 2015
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How to halt the president’s climate change ploy

The perpetual and ever-constricting reductions Mr. Obama will promise in Paris are of emissions from our most reliable, affordable energy sources. What about China and other large emitters? They vow to double their emissions by 2030, as they seek economic growth. > Read the Washington Times commentary

> Interview Chris Horner



NLRB Attack on McDonald's

On top of the NLRB’s lack of transparency, its attack on McDonald’s is blatant political payback. Even the NLRB’s General Counsel Richard Griffin acknowledges that the “sole” reason the agency is pursuing the case against McDonald’s is because of the multi-million union campaign known as “Fight for $15.” > Read more

> Interview Trey Kovacs



Fantasy sports betting isn't a federal crime, as no sports betting should be

The aggressive advertising campaigns of fantasy sports betting sites has raised some eyebrows, and now one lawmaker is calling for an investigation into their legal status. While some may see the hearing as a threat to the big business of fantasy sports betting, it may just be a chance for Congress to address the ludicrous federal ban on actual sports betting. > Read the Newsday commentary

> Interview Michelle Minton


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Calling All Public Choice Scholars






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