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Where would Hassan send them?: A full page Union Leader ad on Hassan's refusal to discuss Gitmo detainees
We took out a full page advertisement in the New Hampshire Union Leader on Friday calling on Governor Maggie Hassan to fully explain her position on closing the Guantanamo Bay detention facility (also known as Gitmo).

In addition, the Defense Department announced on Monday that five Yemeni nationals were released from Gitmo, including an Al Qaeda terrorist who reportedly had close ties to Osama bin Laden. According to the Pentagon, they were transferred to the United Arab Emirates (UAE).  
Governor Maggie Hassan told the New Hampshire Union Leader in an interview last month that  "she would consider closing the Guantanamo Bay military prison," but she has not elaborated further on the issue since.
Organizations like ours have been pressing Governor Hassan for weeks to explain what she believes we should do with Gitmo detainees if the facility is closed. Considering how important this issue is to the safety and security of all Americans, we even caught up with the governor hoping she would finally be able to give an in-depth explanation to her position, but she refused to answer questions. 
The fact is that some of the most dangerous individuals in the world currently reside at Gitmo. Especially after last week's terrorist attacks in Paris, Granite Staters are rightly concerned about the Obama Administration's plan to eventually close the facility. Those concerns are heightened further given reports that the Pentagon is considering prisoner relocation areas only hours from the New Hampshire border.
If Governor Maggie Hassan truly supports closing Gitmo, it stands to reason that she also must have developed a position on what we should do with the more than one hundred dangerous detainees still being held there. It is beyond time for her fully convey that plan to Granite Staters.
Concerning connection: Van Ostern follows liberal donors on Syrian refugee issue
Legislators and governors from across the country have come out in opposition to the United States taking in more Syrian refugees in the wake of last Friday's terrorist attack in Paris.

Concerns have risen dramatically amid reports that 
at least one of the Paris attackers slipped through Europe's immigration system. In addition, there are new claims of "gaping holes" impacting America's screening process.
Despite the fear of terrorism and regardless of the safety of New Hampshire residents, it was reported this week that "Democratic gubernatorial hopeful Colin Van Ostern said the U.S. should not be banning Syrian refugees from America."
Councilor Van Ostern's public statement came after the spokesman for the liberal special interest group, Democracy for America, blasted Democrats who vocally supported stopping Syrian refugees from coming to America at this time. This same spokesman, who is hosting a fundraiser in Washington, D.C. for Van Ostern next month, has since praised Van Ostern for his position.
Granite Staters deserve better than partisan politicians like Councilor Van Ostern who has shown that when difficult decisions need to be made, appeasing liberal Washington funders comes before the safety of New Hampshire families.

WMUR-TV covered our criticism of Councilor Van Ostern, which can be read by clicking HERE. The Girard-At-Large radio show also covered the story, which can be read by clicking HERE.
Action on Syrian refugees in the House: Bipartisan vote passes with veto-proof majority
With nearly 50 Democrats voting for the bill and only a handful of Republicans voting against it, the legislation passed 289-137. While the White House has issued a veto threat, with 289 "yes" votes, Republicans won a veto-proof majority for the measure.
Congressman Frank Guinta (R, NH-01) and Congresswoman Annie Kuster (D, NH-02) both voted for HR 4038

While New Hampshire has a long and welcoming history, we are also astute to the incredibly dangerous times we live in. Both of the Granite State's two Members of Congress rightly voted to suspend current programs allowing Syrian and Iraqi refugees into the United States until specific national security agencies are able to certify that the individuals would not pose security risks.
The fact that this vote garnered enough support in the House of Representatives to override a veto from President Obama proves how strongly the country feels about this national security issue. It is high time for his administration to finally start listening to the will of the American people.

The Girard-At-Large radio show covered our statements on this story, which can be read HERE

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