NH DHHS Opens Therapeutic Cannabis Pre-Registration

NH DHHS Opens Therapeutic Cannabis Pre-Registration

for Potentially Qualifying Patients and Caregivers

Concord, NH – On November 2, 2015, the NH Department of Health and Human

Services (DHHS) will begin accepting applications for the Therapeutic

Cannabis Program from potentially qualifying patients and designated

caregivers as part of a pre-registration period.

While applications are being accepted and reviewed for approval during the

pre-registration period, registry identification cards are not being issued

at this time. Registry identification cards will be issued when the

Alternative Treatment Center (ATC) that a qualifying patient has selected

obtains authorization from the Therapeutic Cannabis Program to begin

dispensing cannabis. It is anticipated that the four ATCs in New Hampshire

will be begin operations in the first quarter of 2016. The Therapeutic

Cannabis Program will send a letter to applicants who apply to become

Qualifying Patients or Designated Caregivers letting them know if their

applications have been approved.

“Applying for therapeutic cannabis registry cards is an important next step

in the process for individuals who are in need and suffering from serious

medical conditions and want to participate in the Therapeutic Cannabis

Program,” said DHHS Commissioner Nick Toumpas. “The pre-registration period

is intended to give potentially qualifying patients and designated

caregivers ample time to work with their providers to get registered before

the dispensaries are open for business.”

The application materials and updated program information, including

applications for qualifying patients, applications for designated

caregivers and the written certification for medical providers, are now

available on the program’s website at