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Heroin Crisis: In NH, it's a tale of two governors 
Governor Maggie Hassan asked legislators on Wednesday for a special session on November 18th to approve $11.1 million in new programs to combat the state's heroin epidemic.
When looking at Maggie Hassan's response, it truly has become a tale of two governors.
Over the summer, Granite Staters unfortunately suffered under the unresponsive Governor Hassan. This apathetic individual was willing to use her budget veto to hold up a 75% increase in funding to combat drug abuse simply to advance her liberal agenda. Now that she has made her political intentions clear, New Hampshire is forced to suffer under the rushed Governor Hassan. This frantic chief executive is exploiting the problem with no consensus or bipartisan plan to truly fight the epidemic. 
The sad reality is that neither the apathetic summer version of Maggie Hassan nor the rushed fall version of Maggie Hassan understands the concept of leadership, which unfortunately hurts New Hampshire families.

Click HERE to read Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire's full news release criticizing Governor Hassan's handling of the state's heroin crisis. You can also read the Washington Free Beacon's and Moe Lane's coverage of the story by clicking HERE and HERE

Getting Results: CSNH activists credited for breaking the budget impasse in Concord 
Over the years, Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire and our many volunteers have worked hard to deliver real results in Concord and Washington, D.C.

Most recently, we focused our efforts on breaking a summer-long budget impasse due to Governor Maggie Hassan's veto. We used a television ad (click HERE to watch it) and the power of grassroots activists to finally encourage the governor to stop stonewalling. Days after our ad went on the air, despite months of inaction, Hassan finally agreed to a budget that lowered business taxes and increased funding to fight the heroin epidemic, but did not include the tax increases she had been advocating for.

While the dust has now settled in Concord and legislators are focused on new efforts, radio host Rich Girard had some kind words to say about our organization this week. On Thursday morning, Rich introduced our group by saying, "Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire, the organization given credit for breaking the budget impasse."

Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire is made up of countless concerned Granite Staters who want to make our state a better place. We know it is because of their phone calls and emails that we finally were able to get a budget deal signed.

We would like to extend a special thank you to everyone who helped, and hope that you will stay involved so we can continue to fight the important battles in the months to come.

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