NH House - Live streaming: Joint Task Force meeting and JTF Agenda

Just a reminder that today’s meeting of the Joint Task Force (Div.III)  dealing with the heroin and opioid crisis will be live streamed, starting at 9: a.m. at:


Here is today’s agenda for the Joint Task Force (Div. III) meeting in Response to the Heroin and Opioid Crisis


9:00     Division Organization

9:10     Sen. Bradley to review his LSR 2758

Louise Lavertu, Joint Board of Licensure and Certification; Sarah Bloggett, Health Professions Theresa Pare-Curtis, DoIT

10:30   Break

10:40   Sen. Forrester to review her LSR 2875 Department of Safety State Police

12:00    Lunch

1:00     Tym Rourke, NH Governor’s Commission on Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention, Treatment and Recovery