NHDP - Don’t Let Christie Fool You: NJ Law Enforcement Speaks Out Against Christie





Christie claims he has law enforcement’s back, law enforcement says otherwise


CONCORD, N.H. – Today, you can expect to hear Chris Christie try to fool Granite Staters into thinking he’s on the side of law enforcement. He says he “tells it like it is” about his supposed support for the law enforcement community. But the reality of his relationship with this community couldn’t be more different than the lines he’s feeding people on the campaign trail.


Don’t take it from us, take it from the president of the New Jersey State Policemen's Benevolent Association, Patrick Colligan. He and his organization have been actively campaigning against Christie because of the damage the governor has done to the police force in the state. Just last week, President Colligan took Christie to task, explaining exactly how “supportive” the governor has been to officers in his home state:


He certainly doesn’t have our backs. He certainly hasn’t been friendly to our position. Our organization, the New Jersey State PBA, has been around since 1896. We’ve had a relationship with every governor since 1896. We have had no relationship with this governor. Besides the fact that he has never met with us, besides the fact that we represent nine out of ten police officers in the state -law enforcement officers in the state - when he got into office he systematically started degrading the law enforcement profession in New Jersey.”


“If you’re on a national stage and you’re telling law enforcement throughout this country for a vote that he’s going to support law enforcement, I’m going to tell you that when he signed chapter 78 which is a New Jersey statute back in 2010, I knew then it would be 10 years before I saw a raise. I didn’t foresee the massive amounts of police officer layoffs.”



“It’s impossible to trust someone who says one thing about his commitment to public safety and law enforcement, but does the exact opposite. Chris Christie’s track record with his own state’s police officers and his administration’s work to create a public safety nightmare on the busiest bridge in the world to exact revenge on a political foe reveal the truth about what you can actually expect if he were in the White House," said Lizzy Price, New Hampshire Democratic Party Communications Director. "Chris Christie may have fooled the Union Leader, but don’t let him fool you when the truth about his record of isn’t deserving of any praise whatsoever. Between the record-breaking nine state credit downgrades, New Jersey’s poor job creation numbers, and leaving law enforcement behind, Chris Christie has clearly shown that he is wrong for New Jersey and he’d definitely be wrong for New Hampshire.”