America Rising PAC - More Bad News For Hassan’s ObamaCare Boondoggle

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Yesterday's surprise announcement that an insurance co-op is dropping off of New Hampshire's ObamaCare exchange due to high costs means Gov. Hassan has broken yet another promise about the failed health care law. Just last year she pledged the insurer would improve options and affordability - false and false. Details below:

“Governor Hassan’s support for ObamaCare has resulted in broken promise after broken promise, yet she continues to prioritize her Party’s failed agenda over New Hampshire citizens who are losing their coverage and paying punishingly high costs. This latest ObamaCare failure exposes Governor Hassan’s utter lack of leadership and solutions for Granite Staters.” --Amelia Chassé, America Rising PAC press secretary

More Bad News For Hassan’s ObamaCare Boondoggle

A health insurance co-op that had been one of just a handful of ObamaCare providers in New Hampshire suddenly bailed this week, citing the punishingly high costs of the federal health care law that has been plagued by rising costs and declining coverage options. 

New Hampshire Public Radio reported on Wednesday:

One of the five insurance companies on the federal health exchange in New Hampshire is unexpectedly backing out early this year. The CEO of Maine-based co-op Community Health Options says costs have simply gotten too high for them to continue.

Governor Maggie Hassan has been a stanch supporter of ObamaCare through scandal after scandal, expressing zero concern when providers announced premium hikes earlier this year.

But Hassan may have trouble explaining this latest mess to Granite Staters, given she praised Community Health Options joining the exchange as “fantastic news” that would “improve affordability and increase choices” in a 2014 statement:

 ‘Today’s announcement that two additional carriers plan to offer coverage on New Hampshire’s Health Insurance Marketplace in 2015 is fantastic news that will improve affordability and increase choices for all New Hampshire citizens. Bringing additional competition to our Health Insurance Marketplace is a critical component of our effort to bring quality, affordable health coverage to all Granite Staters, and with five carriers now planning to offer coverage in 2015, we have taken an important step toward improving the health and financial well-being of our people.

Just over a year later, the exact opposite is true; Granite Staters have fewer choices and higher costs, just in time for the holidays.