FreeKeeneNews - Trump Protestors Outnumber Supporters At Portsmouth Event Last Night

Trump Protestors Outnumber Supporters at Portsmouth Campaign Event

Fascist presidential candidate Donald Trump visited Portsmouth, NH last night to accept the endorsement of a police union, the New England Police Benevolent Association. Hundreds of protestors including Free State Project early movers turned out to oppose him. Free Staters were photographed or interviewed by the New York Times, The Guardian, Boston Globe, Boston Herald, Portsmouth Herald, and various independent media. Free Stater ally and NH native Harrison De Bree was interviewed by The Guardian, and got three paragraphs in their article about the event.

Security was tightly run by the Secret Service with support from the Portsmouth police department -- you know, the fine folks who have been chasing Uber drivers around town at the behest of our statist city council -- including four citations amounting to $3,500 of fines for the #UberGrandma -- and who recently saw fit to charge yours truly with felony wiretapping for a YouTube video.

Though Secret Service guarded every entrance to the hotel, we were able to do a bit of trolling. We realized that the back of the Sheraton had an unguarded hill you could climb up to access a window that looked into the hotel bar where a number of fascist Trump sympathizers gathered. During the event we put the above TRUMP IS A FASCIST sign on the window sill looking in, to the frowns of some sympathizers inside. Later it had been removed, so I replaced it with a leftover NO TRUMP sign.  

And before the event, we distributed about 15 flyers on lightpoles around the venue: Overall the event was a great opportunity for easy press coverage, and to mingle with our not-so-libertarian anti-fascist brethren. Numerous polite conversations were had about the merits of libertarianism in opposing fascism. Tuck Frump!

-Christopher David, Free Keene Blogger @ "Dump Trump" Organizer

"Dump Trump" organizer Christopher David is available for interview. Please reach out to me, and I'll connect you,
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