ALG - Did Obama open the door for the San Bernadino killers?


Dec. 11, 2015, Fairfax, Va.—Americans forLimited Government President Rick Manning today issued the following statement inresponse to formerDHS terrorism investigator and whistleblower Philip Haney's allegations that theObama administration deliberately shuttered an investigation that might havethwarted the San Bernadino mass murder because he was told the investigationswere problematic because they were into Islamic groups:

"Former DHS terrorism investigator andwhistleblower Philip Haney has made startling allegations that the Obamaadministration deliberately shuttered an investigation that might have thwartedthe San Bernadino mass murder — because he was told the investigations wereproblematic because they were into Islamic groups. Had Haney's investigationbeen allowed to continue, he maintains it might have resulted in a blocking ofthe San Bernadino fiancée visa because of the couple's relationship with aradical mosque.

"The Obama administration may bedeliberately blinding our intelligence agencies' capacity to properly vet visaapplications or to pursue domestic leads in terrorism investigations if thoseinvestigations focus on Islamic centers. Since when do law enforcement andintelligence agencies skip over religious motivations for murders in pursuingleads? They're supposed to follow evidence and intelligence wherever it leads,not deny the obvious link between Islam and the killers because of politicalcorrectness. There is no First Amendment protection against investigatingreligiously motivated attacks. If this policy is widespread, it might helpexplain why Western intelligence agencies have been blind to the latest wave ofattacks.

"This comes as the San Bernadinoneighbors were afraid to say something even though they saw something, for fearof being labeled bigots. Political correctness is getting people killed, andthose who urge law enforcement and intelligence not to focus on the religioninvolved with these repeated attacks are playing a very dangerous game indeed."

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"Whistleblower: DHS Pulled Plug onSurveillance That Could've ID'ed CA Terrorists," The Kelly File, Dec. 10, 2015at

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