NH DHHS to Begin Issuing Therapeutic Cannabis Cards to All Qualifying Patients

CONCORD, NH – The NH Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), after

consultation with the NH Attorney General’s Office, announced that it will

begin issuing therapeutic cannabis cards to qualifying patients. DHHS will

provide registry identification cards to qualifying patients and caregivers

before the State’s Alternative Treatment Centers (ATC) are operational.

“As we begin to issue registry identification cards to qualifying patients

who want them, we look forward to those patients being able to access

therapeutic cannabis at dispensaries in New Hampshire,” said DHHS

Commissioner Nick Toumpas. “The ATCs are moving quickly to open their

dispensaries and we anticipate that the first dispensaries will open in

Spring 2016. We thank the Attorney General’s Office for its consultation.”

Beginning Monday, December 28, 2015, registry identification cards will be

issued by mail to qualifying patients and designated caregivers whose

applications have been approved. Registry identification cards issued to

qualifying patients and designated caregivers cannot be used to purchase

therapeutic cannabis in New Hampshire until the ATC dispensary selected by

the qualifying patient opens. Applications will be processed in the order

received by DHHS. As of December 22, more than 100 applications have

been received.

Applications for potentially qualifying patients and designated caregivers,

medical provider certification and other important information can be found

on the Therapeutic Cannabis Program page on the DHHS website at

http://www.dhhs.nh.gov/oos/tcp/index.htm. This information is intended to

assist in correctly completing the required applications.