ALG - Congress should reject Obama's $3 billion Green Climate Fund


Dec. 3, 2015, Fairfax, Va.—Americans forLimited Government President Rick Manning today issued the following statementurging Congress to include language in the upcoming omnibus spending bill forthe remainder of Fiscal Year 2016 that would block any funds from being used tofinance theUnited Nations (UN) Green Climate Fund:

"Congress should just say no to Obama's$3 billion promise to the UN Green Climate Fund by explicitly stipulatingin the omnibus that no funds shall be spent on it. The reality is that the U.S.commitment to the Green Climate Fund is anticipated to dramatically expand inthe years to come to more than $25 billion annually as part of a $100 billion ayear global wealth transfer to developing economies.

"Sen.Jim Inhofe has been at the forefront of this issue, and we urge Congress tofollow his lead in ensuring that not one taxpayer dollar goes to the UN GreenClimate Fund that will simply redistribute $100 billion a year to developingeconomies.

"We already subsidize developingeconomies with world trade rules that grant special and differential treatment,and the new Paris climate deal will exempt developing economies from thepunitive regulations that the U.S. adheres to. Not to be outdone, then thosesame countries will receive $100 billion a year that U.S. taxpayers willdisproportionately fund. This is just another bad deal, and U.S. taxpayers willhave to pay for it — again. It's time that Congress just say no."

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