CARLY for America Launches TV and Radio Ad Campaign

Ad Contrasts Professional Politicians with Carly’s Conservative Blueprint to Take Our Country Back

ALEXANDRIA, VA – CARLY for America announced today that it is launching a million-dollar TV and radio advertisement campaign in New Hampshire and Boston. The television ad highlights the failure of professional politicians, despite many years in office, to solve the problems facing our country. 

The television and radio advertisements run from Friday, Dec. 4 through Friday, Dec. 11. The TV buy is $846,750 and the radio buy is $177,747.
"For decades we have given the career politicians a chance; now it’s time for citizens to take our government back. Carly is a proven conservative leader with a bold and specific blueprint to do just that,” said Stephen DeMaura, Executive Director of CARLY for America. 
"Washington is broken and it won’t be fixed by candidates that have spent most of their adult lives in government. Carly will challenge the entrenched interests and break the status quo of Washington,” added DeMaura. 
Carly remains among the least well-known candidates in the field. Today’s announcement launches a new phase of a sustained effort by CARLY for America to introduce Fiorina to voters. CARLY for America continues to focus on the ground game. We have staff on the ground in 12 states and leadership teams in 23 states. 


Title: Take Our Country Back
Background Audio:
Senate Republicans failed to take the first steps Monday evening; Republicans do not have the votes to block it; I have never seen a major political party simply occupy placeholders - as the Republican Party is doing.
Narrator: Carly Fiorina - a conservative outsider who has a bold new blueprint to take our country back. Carly Fiorina - a conservative leader we can trust.
Carly Fiorina: It is time to take our country back.
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